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EFS Europe Installs Pathway Inside Herbert Gallery for Sky Ride Coventry

Posted: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 11:11

EFS Europe Installs Pathway Inside Herbert Gallery for Sky Ride Coventry

In one of its most unique projects to date, EFS Europe was asked to install its specialist Temp-A-Path™ plastic flooring within Coventry's Herbert Gallery. The subsequent pathway allowed participants of the Sky Ride Coventry cycling event to ride straight through the gallery itself.

With a desire to create a route within the gallery, the events team from Coventry City Council contacted EFS Europe to advise on the best possible approach. The marble floor of the art gallery meant that it would become unsafe for riders in the event of wet external conditions. With a temporary flooring solution required that would be non-slip, safe for the riders, and protect the marble floor, EFS Europe specified its Temp-A-Path™ plastic flooring laid on top of its foam backed cord carpet. The carpet helped to protect the floor and create a highly stable base for the Temp-A-Path™.

The finished path was 4m wide and ran from the gallery's main entrance and out of a rear door. In total, EFS Europe installed 250m2 of Temp-A-Path™.

EFS Europe Business Development Manager Jeremy Simpson commented on the project saying:

"This was a truly unique project for us, and another great demonstration of the versatility of our products. The process of installing our Temp-A-Path™ is fundamentally the same regardless of the location or how it will be used. However, that doesn't stop us from relishing the opportunity to install it in a completely new environment and for a brand new purpose."

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